"The point of therapy isn't  to get rid of anything, but to help it transform"  Richard Schwartz

What is it?

For me, the heart of counselling is a good relationship between client and counsellor. This is essential to create a safe ,trusting, and respectful setting for exploration, reflection and understanding of what is important to you. It is a talking and listening therapy that helps people to make sense of their difficulties and to discover their potential for a happier life. It is a time for you to explore what it is that you are experiencing. It is not about giving advice or being told what to do.

I work in an integrative way which means I have had training in several different approaches that have become integral to how I work. 

How can it help?

Everyone goes through difficult times in their lives. Very often, we don't want to discuss our problems with our family or friends'. This is where counselling can support you, working alongside you to work on self-change, self-empowerment and self-fulfilment.

What happens?

Talking therapy (counselling) is about exploring the things that are making life more difficult or challenging for you. I will work alongside you to support you in what it is you wish to change so that  you can develop new ways of responding in the future. 

There is an initial session with the aim of seeing if it feels right for us to work together and if not look at alternative supports.

The BACP leaflet  "How do I choose a therapist ?' has more information.

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