COVID Online Working

Due to the continuing situation relating to COVID all of my therapy sessions are still taking place online for the foreseeable future. 

It is possible even in 'in person' work let alone with online working that misunderstandings can occur, working online it can be even harder to pick up non-verbal communication, therefore I encourage you to share any feelings you have about working online as they arise so that we can work on building a therapeutic relationship.  

My preferred choice is working with zoom, ( It is one of the software platforms recommended by the BACP ensuring it is GDPR compliant. I create a new meeting every session which has an unique passcode which I invite you to access via an email sent to you in the morning of your session. When your session starts the zoom meeting room is locked for added security.

Further security aspects to bear in mind are to consider who has access to your computer, keep your passwords secure, have an antivirus software installed and make sure when your session has finished that you close all programs down.